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I have referred several people to Kevin Bushby for mortgage advice over the last three or four years. One of the most recent referrals was for someone who rents her second property and needed to review her mortgage options. Kevin saw the woman and her husband for the second time last week, so I rang them to see how they got on with Kevin. They told me that they found Kevin to be extremely knowledgeable and that they were extremely impressed with him. They said they were also very comfortable with the advice Kevin gave. Kevin recommended that they repay some of their mortgage with part of their cash savings; and that they reduce the mortgage term to just fifteen years, so that the mortgage debt will be repaid faster. The woman was extremely pleased that her monthly mortgage payments would be much the same as they had been before, but that she will be debt free much faster than previously. As I noted above, I have passed several referrals to Kevin and they all appear to be very happy with the advice and service he provides. That has increased my confidence in referring Kevin to other people in the future.
RD of Aylesbury




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