What types of insurance do you currently have?


If you drive you’ll have car insurance, if you own a house you’ll no doubt have buildings insurance. What about when you have time off with your family? Do you take out holiday insurance to cover for accident, loss of possessions or cancellations? 99% of us have got a smart phone and I’ll bet that you have got that protected?


Although your smart phone may be costly and important to you or you’ve spent a lot on your holiday, often when it comes to protection, we ignore what’s most important – YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!


Yet a Life Insurance policy can cost as little as the payment you make to protect your phone.


The trouble is that it’s never nice to think about the situations you may need to have such protection in place such as …

  • Losing a partner and ensuring the remaining partner and your family are not financially disadvantaged.
  • Being unable to work due to illness, or redundancy, and providing a replacement income to cover your lifestyle costs.
  • Suffering a critical illness and getting immediate access to funds to relieve your financial pressures.


Relying on your savings or benefits could leave you, and your family, struggling if the worst should happen. Although it may seem preferable to hope it won’t happen, or leave it for another day, for each of these situations there are strategies, and policies, that you can put in place to ensure that your family’s future is secured.


Do I really need this protection?


If you have children or a partner who’d struggle without your income, then life insurance, income protection and critical insurance policies will provide the necessary protection.


Is it costly?


That depends on many factors such as how old you are, what cover you may already have through your employment, how much cover you want and for how long.


We strongly advise getting sound advice from an experienced financial advisor who can assess your situation and give you the correct advice.


Our team at One Stop Finance is highly experienced in providing the right solutions from the many choices available to help protect their clients. If you don’t have suitable cover in place to protect your family and would like to find out more, please call Marcus Rolle or Steve Burkin for a free no obligation discussion on 020 8445 1675.