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Buy To Let Example – Video Breakdown | One Stop Finance Group


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When Should You Start Investing

What are investments?
Investments are something you buy or put your money into to get a profitable return. Most people choose from four main types of investment, known as ‘asset classes’:

Shares – you buy a stake in a company
Cash – the savings you put in a bank or building society account
Property – you invest in a […]

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Lifetime mortgages: the different types

Lump sum
The basic form of lifetime mortgage is a lump-sum loan, where the interest payable is ‘rolled up’ over the full term. There’s nothing to pay for the rest of your life, but interest is compounded year on year until you die (or move into a residential care home). For most lump-sum deals, interest rates […]

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Why use a Mortgage Broker when seeking a Buy to Let Mortgage?

They know the industry
Mortgage criteria has tightened massively over the past few years, with the Mortgage Market Review of 2015 being the last wide-ranging development. That was designed to ensure borrowers can prove affordability, even in the event of a rate rise, and those extra checks have created additional barriers to lending.


Buy to Let property […]

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Why use a Mortgage Broker?

You’re protected
An important thing to understand is that when you receive mortgage advice, your mortgage broker has a duty of care to you. They have to recommend a suitable mortgage and be able to justify why the particular mortgage they have chosen is right for you. If their advice is not up to scratch, you […]

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Lifetime Mortgage Video Explanation

Many people find themselves needing access to more money in retirement but if you don’t have enough savings what are your options?


Well one option could be to use the value of your home to boost your finances. A Lifetime Mortgage is a way of extracting money out of your property by putting in place a […]

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How To Plan For a Richer Retirement In Your 60s

Key points

Check that all your debts, including mortgage, are in order
Decide on whether you’ll buy an annuity immediately or take drawdown
Talk to an IFA before you take any action.

Look into lifetime mortgages advice! Could be the key to a money future!
Focusing in your 60s you will be making important decisions about how your pension fund […]

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Accidental Victims of Bad Credit


Has this happened to you?

It’s easy to go about your day to day without thinking how one banking slip up may affect your overall credit rating.

George and Alice*, long term Buy to Let clients of ours, were those victims. Busy people with hectic lifestyles, and a property portfolio providing a substantial income of £10k […]

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What is Equity Release and how can it help me?

Steve Burkin, Director at One Stop Finance Ltd, lifts the lid on Equity Release and how it can help older people get their hands on a lump sum or an income …


There are many myths surrounding Equity Release. People are often scared off by stories that you could lose your home, saddle your children with […]

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