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Helpful Pension Tips You Need To Know!

It’s all too easy to start a pension and then forget about it until it comes to retirement. Here are some very helpful tips yet simple tips to follow!

Does It All Add Up!
It’s easy to get side tracked into thinking pensions are difficult and so put off making important decisions about your future. However, when […]

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Help your clients go and your business grow!

Almost 1 in 3 using equity release for holidays!

New analysis from leading equity release specialist, key retirement has identified that retired homeowners are using some of their property wealth for dream holidays.

30% of customers taking out equity release spend some of the cash on holidays.
The average amount released to fund holidays is nearly […]

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Buying a Home Abroad Top Tips

Buying a home abroad is an exciting prospect but financing the purchase can be complex. Whilst some people opt to be cash buyers – if they are able to – to keep matters simple, leveraging can be beneficial for tax reasons so do make sure you take financial advice before you start your property search.

Most […]

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3 Tips On Wealth Management

Tip 1:  Use credit only when you can pay on time

Part of wealth management is knowing how to use credit wisely so that you can use it to your advantage. Credit includes all types of loans such as unsecured loans, mortgages, and a loan for bad credit.

Paying back your credit on time is absolutely crucial […]

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Lifetime Mortgages According To Government Statistics


An increase in life expectancy has meant that Britain’s ageing population is starting to make up a sizeable part of the population. According to government statistics, there were 10 million people in the UK over the age of 65 in 2010; this figure is set to nearly double by 2050 to 19 million.


Despite their increasing […]

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Lifetime Mortgage Video Explanation

Many people find themselves needing access to more money in retirement but if you don’t have enough savings what are your options?


Well one option could be to use the value of your home to boost your finances. A Lifetime Mortgage is a way of extracting money out of your property by putting in place a […]

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Business Protection covers different types of insurance

Business Protection covers different types of insurance;

Loan Protection
Keyman Insurance
Relevant Life Insurance
Partnership or Shareholder protection
Many insurance companies offer specialist insurance for businesses. Insurance for a business differs from a personal plan as the business plans are able to take advantage of tax laws and have different definitions on critical illness so that the plan is built […]

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How To Plan For a Richer Retirement In Your 60s

Key points

Check that all your debts, including mortgage, are in order
Decide on whether you’ll buy an annuity immediately or take drawdown
Talk to an IFA before you take any action.

Look into lifetime mortgages advice! Could be the key to a money future!
Focusing in your 60s you will be making important decisions about how your pension fund […]

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Our Happy Clients at One Stop Finance


I am very pleased with the service provided. Both Marcus and Sam were very prompt with my emails and queries.
R Pillay

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Marcus and his team at One Stop Finance
P Raniga
Tony has been extremely helpful and patient, thank you very much!
L Samuels & J Cooper
Mike is always professional and provides […]

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Things To Think About When Applying For a Lifetime Mortgage

Releasing equity from your home is a lifetime commitment, so it’s worth including your family in any decision you make.

When you call us, we can refer you to a carefully selected equity release adviser who will explain the features and risks of our lifetime mortgages, such as:

A lifetime mortgage charges interest on the total […]

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