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The Answer Could Be a Lifetime Mortgage

Many people find themselves needing access to more money in retirement but if you don’t have enough savings what are your options?


Well one option could be to use the value of your home to boost your finances. A Lifetime Mortgage is a way of extracting money out of your property by putting in place a […]

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Do you need it? income protection insurance

What is income protection insurance?
Not sure what something means? Have a look at our Protection insurance glossary. Income protection insurance is a long-term insurance policy to help you if you can’t work because you’re ill or injured. It replaces part of your income if you can’t work because you become ill or disabled. It pays […]

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Have YOU Seen The Latest Isa Rates?

Are you getting the best deal on your individual savings accounts (Isas)? Check the latest interest rates offered on cash Isas and fixed rate deals.

An Individual Savings Account (or ISA) is a tax-efficient way of saving or investing money.  Holdings within an ISA are not liable to income tax or capital gains tax.  Your money […]

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How To Prepare For Your Mortgage Application

How to prepare for your application
Before applying for a mortgage,  Make sure all the information is correct and  there is no incorrect information about you. You can normally do this online and it’s often free of charge for up to 30 days or ask your broker.

Start collecting all the documents you will need for the […]

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The lack of engagement with pensions is frightening!!


The lack of engagement with pensions is frightening, Clive Boltons, Aviva UK Life’s managing director of retirement solutions, said. “Ask most people what they earn now and they’ll have a pretty good idea, sometimes down to the penny, but most people have no idea what their pension is worth.

A pension is your salary when you’re […]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Re-Mortgaging

In today’s highly competitive market the well-informed borrower will often choose to switch their mortgage, after the introductory deal term ends, to take advantage of the new borrower market rates on offer. Those people who are not served by a professional mortgage broker will often remain on the standard variable rate their deal reverts to, […]

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4 Benefits of Equity Release

The number of new equity release customers is now on the rise, according to the Equity Release Council. If this is something you’ve been thinking about, then carry on reading to enhance your knowledge on this subject and if your interest is not satiated please email, or call us, for a chat to find out […]

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What Is Power Of Attorney & Should YOU Have It?

Power of attorney is an inclusive legal document that ascribes an individual to act on behalf of a person who’s not of sound mental capacity. The appointed particular person, if both powers are enacted, makes economic, and health, decisions on behalf of the individual.


In durable power of lawyer, the appointed person tends to make decision […]

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Your house is your Pension! Isn’t it?

If you like, or learn, from anything you read and would like to contribute to the debate, or ask some more questions, you will find a range of options at the end of this piece as to how to contact us and voice your opinions.


Let’s face it, for most people, saving money regularly can be […]

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How Much Money Will You Lose In 2016? Without These 2 Saving Tips In Place!


One of the biggest problems we all face is trying to build up our personal finances and savings.  It can be very difficult for so many people to save every month, for many reasons. Here at One Stop Finance we would like to show you 2 quick tips you can use right away to help […]

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