Are you getting the best deal on your individual savings accounts (Isas)? Check the latest interest rates offered on cash Isas and fixed rate deals.

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An Individual Savings Account (or ISA) is a tax-efficient way of saving or investing money.  Holdings within an ISA are not liable to income tax or capital gains tax.  Your money can be held either as cash savings or investments.
Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.


If you are over 16 (for cash ISAs) or over 18 (for investment ISAs) and a UK resident you are entitled to open an ISA.  Each tax year you will have a pre-determined ISA allowance.  This is the maximum you can put into an ISA in that tax year.  You can pay in lump sums, make regular contributions or switch from an existing ISA provider.


The advantage of choosing an investment ISA is that it gives your money the potential to achieve much better returns than it would in a cash ISA.  At One Stop Finance we make sure that your ISA is invested in a way that matches your attitude to risk and investment objectives.

What we can offer you

At One Stop Finance we can recommend a wide range of investment options that will be tailored to your circumstances.  We can offer a full range of products including  Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), Collective Investments, Bonds and Pensions.  These can be held as individual products, although it is often more beneficial to hold them collectively.