Either as a homeowner, or an owner of buy-to-let properties it is far more likely that come the ‘turn of this year’, that Mr Carney will look to raise the base rate from its historic low of 0.5%*.

Looking back, how have you benefitted from this rate over the past 6 years? Better quality of life, more luxurious holidays, faster cars? Or were you shrewd enough to invest the additional money reaped to overpay the mortgage and put yourself in a better position than others right now? #Smug

The rise is likely to ‘proceed slowly’* but it’s worth taking stock so that the next 6 years are enjoyable ones and not ones that dramatically raise your pulse…


* “Carney: rate rise likely at “turn of this year”, Financial Reporter, Rozi Jones, 17th July 2015,  http://www.financialreporter.co.uk/finance-news/carney-rate-rise-likely-at-turn-of-this-year.html