Are you…
• Starting that new business venture in 2016 that you’ve been dreaming of and need to secure that critical business loan?
• Re-mortgaging to create a bigger house to accommodate a new baby on the way? Or releasing equity to get your now, grown up children, onto the property ladder?
• Realising that protecting yourself, your family, your home and your income should be pushed up to the top of your priority list, as you go into 2016?
• Thinking it’s wise to take another look at your investments to see how your money could be working harder for you?
• And if you haven’t already – getting yourself a Pension, or put into play your plan to create an income to fall back on when you get to retirement age so you can really kick loose!
That’s all very well. However, even though Father Christmas is always smiling, listening to our needs and wants, if we haven’t been ‘good’ with our money and taken on unaffordable liabilities in 2015, then he’s going to find it hard to fulfil our wishes.
So maybe it’s time to take control of your households spending, prepare for the future and review where you are to going with life? If you can prove you’ve taken stock and been more effective with your finances in 2016, then maybe the bearded ‘main man’, FC, will start rewarding you handsomely as he once did when you were a child?