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Do you reside in North London and looking to purchase a home through the professional service of a mortgage company? If you are looking for a mortgage firm in North London that cares, we can help customers to get approved. Since every borrower is different, our company provides access to a gamut of financial services and products to help you find the loan that suits your particular requirements the best.


Customers will find the latest financial tools that allow you to make wise financial choices when planning to secure any mortgage loan available today. Our North London mortgages will help you achieve your financial dreams without any difficulty. We have specialists who are willing and ready to teach you how to make use of the latest internet tools to learn more about modern mortgage products. We will guide you to the best loan alternatives for your particular goals and needs. Our company operates with the leading lenders in North London to personally support clients through the entire home financing procedure.


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Mortgage Brokers in North London. Our OSF Team Are Here to Help!

You will be open to a plethora of loan programs covering the most well-known mortgage products available today. Our North London mortgages include Jumbo solutions, USDA 30 year fixed loans, FHA 30 year fixed loans, VA 30 year fixed loans, first-time buyer programs, 15 years fixed loans, 30 years fixed loan and just to mention a few. We are compliant with the standards of the industry to ensure the ease of coordination, reliability, and lasting integrity of the information and any decisions based on details.


Clients can explore and browse the services and products on our website without any obligation, risk or disclosure of your personal details. When you are ready to make a mortgage product decision, we are always available to answer your questions and help to navigate the entire financing procedure. Give our company a call today. We can help you get the loan of your desire right now.


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Owning a dream home, home properties is one of the biggest investments one can make. Not only are the required funds huge but also is the complexity of the process of owning such property. Prior to the development of financial institutions, people would find it hard to own homes because of the difficulty in pooling resources until you get enough funds for the property. However with the development of lending institutions, owning a home has been made much easier. The institutions lend you the necessary funds to own a home and you get to pay at the agreed intervals. Mortgage brokers have in this regard come in to between the borrower and the lender on matters mortgage.


The duties of a mortgage broker will greatly vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. However, in most jurisdictions, the duty of our service is to act as an intermediary between the lender and the borrower.


If working for the borrower, a mortgage broker will collect all the necessary credit information from the borrower to enable him either pick the most ideal loan type or advise the borrower on the most ideal loan type. Such information includes the borrower’s income, assets value, previous or outstanding credit and employment details. With this type of information we are able to determine a borrower’s loan limit as well as the ideal loan type and therefore advise him accordingly. To this extent, a good broker must be able to come up with a mortgage product that among other things is offered at the lowest interest rates and with minimal hidden charges.


We gathers all the necessary documentation from his client such as pay slips, bank statements, certificates of ownership of assets and pay stubs . He then submits such documents to the lender for authentication and verification and completes the lenders application form. He then guides the borrower through the credit approval process. When the loan is approved, his duty is to explain to the client the repayment structure such as interval of installments and amount of money in each installment.


The advantage of a borrower working with the mortgage broker is that they will be able to do all the market research for you. You will therefore be able to compare many mortgage products without the hassle of moving from one bank to another.


When working for the lending institution, the duty of a north London broker’s duty is generally to invite borrowers to purchase the lender’s mortgage product. This has been informed by the fact that the market has grown to have very many lenders. at One Stop Finance we looking after local people in north London looking fo a mortgage broker to acts as a sales person for the institution’s product.


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Here at One Stop Finance, in addition to clients nationally, we have many clients based in North London and surrounding areas whom we have assisted in meeting the client’s needs.


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