Investment market update: June 2020

While countries are beginning to lift lockdown restrictions, we’re still seeing the economic impact of Covid-19 around the world, as businesses get to grips with the consequences and ongoing social distancing.

According to the OECD, the global economy is set to suffer its worst peacetime slump for 100 years. It’s now expected that global GSP will […]

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The pros and cons of using a letting agent as a landlord

Being a landlord can boost your income, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility and paperwork. If you already let out a property or are considering doing so in the future, you may have wondered whether to handle it all yourself or engage the services of a letting agent.

As with any decision, there […]

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5 things to consider before taking on a second mortgage

Are you thinking about taking on a second mortgage? Perhaps you want to purchase a holiday home for your family to enjoy, or maybe you want to invest in the Buy to Let market to provide an income in retirement. There are plenty of reasons why you may want a second mortgage, but it’s a […]

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What to do if your mortgage application is denied

You’ve found a home you want to purchase and have agreed on a price with the sellers, but then your mortgage application is denied. It’s a problem that’s more common than you might think but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the purchase.

According to research, half of homebuyers have been denied a […]

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LTV and what it means for your mortgage

When it comes to finances and mortgages, language can be filled with jargon and acronyms. If you’re looking for a mortgage product, whether you’re a first-time buyer or stepping up the property ladder, you’ve probably come across LTV when searching. While it’s easy to overlook, it’s an important part of getting a competitive deal.

What is […]

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Calculating investment risk: What plays a role?

When investing, we all know that capital is at risk. We’ve often talked about understanding your risk profile and the level of risk you should take when investing. But what affects how risky an investment is?

Understanding the risk of an investment can help you gauge if it’s the right investment for you and how it’ll […]

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Has Covid-19 affected your retirement plans?

The impact of Covid-19 has affected savings and investments, something that can be a particular concern for those nearing retirement. If your finances have been impacted, you may be considering changing retirement plans, but it’s important to consider your circumstances and the long-term effects, rather than focussing on headline figures.

In recent months, investments have experienced […]

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What would negative interest rates mean?

With interest rates at an all-time low and the economy facing uncertainty, you may have read headlines about whether negative interest rates are the next step. But what would that mean in practice and is it an option that would really be considered in the UK?

Ever since the 2008 financial crisis, interest rates have been […]

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Your essential guide to ISAs

ISAs are an incredibly important part of many financial plans, whether you’re saving for a short-term goal or investing for a long-term one. In fact, over ten million adults saved into an ISA account in 2017/18.

Whilst ISAs have been around for 20 years, the product range and allowance has changed considerably in that time. As […]

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What does the coronavirus mean for my mortgage?

Millions of Brits have faced losing their jobs or a reduction in pay as the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to take action. Some firms have been forced to close due to the nationwide lockdown, whilst others will have reduced working hours or laid off staff to minimise losses during uncertain times. For some, it […]

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