Property Development Finance

Funding for Property development

Funding is available for clients on a wide range of projects and is not entirely limited to those with previous experience.

No two property developments are alike, they all have peculiar aspects that require the attention of the Lender’s underwriters on an individual basis.

The following list covers the main areas of development funding currently available.

Develop to let

where the intention is to refurbish an existing property and retain it when the works have been completed. Funding can be agreed in order to purchase the property and to allow for the immediate release of capital once the property is ready for letting. Furthermore, the release of additional funds is based on the enhanced property value giving access to the initial funds invested.

Light refurbishment

Where a property is suitable security for a mortgage, but needs general upgrading or decoration without any structural works being required.

Heavy refurbishment

Where a property requires structural works, for example an extension, to enhance the value before letting or selling.


Where a house is currently made up of flats, bedsits or similar and you intend to return the property to a single dwelling or vice versa, or a Commercial property and your intention is to convert it into a single residential or multiple residential units.

New build

This covers a wide range of developments, from a single dwelling to a small housing development, block of apartments or a complete housing estate.

Please note that planning consent is normally required before undertaking any kind of structural development. It can be a costly mistake if you start work without the correct consent, resulting in a request to reverse the work and revert the property back to its original state or in the case of a new build to demolish the development altogether, if consent is not obtained.

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