Investment market update: June 2021

After the global economy suffered due to the pandemic and related restrictions, the World Bank now predicts that it will grow at the fastest rate recorded in 80 years. The organisation expects the global economy to grow by 5.6% in 2021. However, it also warned that poor nations are at risk of falling further behind […]

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10 steps that can help you secure a mortgage for your dream home

If you’re unhappy with your current home, you’re not alone. Millions of homeowners say their property isn’t right for them and money is holding some back when it comes to finding their dream home.

According to a Zoopla survey, half of Brits say they are currently stuck in a home that isn’t suitable for their needs. […]

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What does the end of the Stamp Duty holiday mean for the property market?

In a bid to keep the property market moving, chancellor Rishi Sunak introduced a Stamp Duty holiday a year ago. It led to property prices soaring but, as the holiday comes to an end, what does it mean for the property market?

When purchasing property in England and Northern Ireland, you usually pay Stamp Duty. Similar […]

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Did you use a Help to Buy Equity Loan? Rising house prices could mean you owe more than you expect

The Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme has helped thousands of first-time buyers get on to the property ladder. By reducing the amount of deposit needed and making mortgages more accessible, the Help to Buy scheme has been a lifeline for aspiring homeowners. However, as repayments are linked to property value, some could find they […]

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“It won’t pay out” and other financial protection myths busted

Most people in the UK do not have any type of financial protection. While there may be a good reason for some, in others it’s a decision that’s sparked by myths. It could mean you’re missing out on financial protection that could provide financial security when you need it most.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority, […]

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5 excuses for not seeking financial advice, and why they’re wrong

Millions of people are missing out on financial advice that could help them reach their goals because of misconceptions, research finds. Speaking to a financial planner can help you organise your finances, understand the impact of your decisions, and make sure you’re on track to reach future goals.

According to Royal London, 9.4 million people in […]

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Is £26,000 the secret to a happy retirement?

How much do you need to live the retirement lifestyle you want? It’s a question that’s on the mind of many people as they near their retirement date. Now research suggests that couples need an income of £26,000 to live comfortably, but if you want some luxurious extras, that needs to rise to £41,000.

Which? surveyed […]

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7 things to consider when choosing your mortgage

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or already a homeowner, choosing the right mortgage product for you is important. It could save you money as well as ensuring your mortgage fits your life plans.

However, with hundreds of mortgage products to choose from and an array of lenders, how do you know which is right for you? […]

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7 homeowner nightmares that could knock thousands of pounds off the value of your home

We’re a nation that loves to discuss property and property prices. With our homes often one of the largest assets we own, as well as the huge rise in property prices seen over the last few decades, it’s not surprising it’s a favourite topic of conversation. Yet, while we’re keen to discuss renovation projects that […]

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Everything first-time buyers need to know about the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme

The challenges of getting on the property ladder have made headlines for years. In March’s Budget, chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled a new scheme that could be a lifeline for first-time buyers. It will help aspiring homeowners purchase properties with just a 5% deposit.

Traditionally, you would have needed a 5-10% deposit to purchase a home. However, […]

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